We act according to the following values

Customer satisfaction:
Customers are the centre of our work. Satisfied customers are the prerequisite for our success. If our customers were not satisfied with our products and services, they would switch to a competitor. Our ultimate goal is therefore to know and understand the expectations of our customers, to fulfil their requirements and to increase their satisfaction.

Our employees are our greatest strength. As a part of the company, every single one contributes to our success and customer satisfaction. We value a friendly, cooperative and innovative team that develop customer-oriented and individual solutions with great expertise, experience and commitment. We take care to give our employees a high degree of personal responsibility and decision-making opportunities within a given scope of action in order to maintain high motivation and promote entrepreneurial thinking and action.

The quality of our products depends to a large extent on our suppliers. Therefore, we choose them carefully and set great store by the high quality of our materials and purchased parts. Regular supplier evaluations keep standards high and we strive for fair, long-term and cooperative partnerships.

We are not only judged by our products but also by our services. Therefore, requests, quotes, orders and complaints are dealt with thoroughly and swiftly from the very beginning. This reduces the risk of errors and saves unnecessary costs. 

Our customers expect punctual deliveries which are properly packed and shipped. Agreed deadlines must be adhered to. 

Continuous improvement:
What satisfies our customers today will be normal tomorrow. In order to continue our success, we need to work to improve day in day out. Quality is a never-ending process. Through continuous improvement, mistakes may be avoided and their causes eliminated. Prevention of errors has priority over correction.

We ensure the success of our company through joint quality work at all levels, thereby ensuring the health and safety of our employees and reducing environmental pollution as well as our costs, so that we can continue to serve our customers as a fair and reliable partner over the long term.